Our Philosophy of Care

As a fellowship-trained spine surgeon, Gus Varnavas, MD has learned over nearly 30 years in medicine that the best care of back and neck pain relates to a conservative care philosophy that emphasizes non-surgical treatment options first. Where possible, we help the person with back and neck pain exhaust non-surgical options like spine therapy, chiropractic manipulation, spinal injections and other customized exercises designed to make the back stronger, more flexible and resistant to future back strain. 

This emphasis on movement as a key to recovery from back or neck pain is different from others in the field of spine who may — with all the best of intentions — tell a person NOT to play golf, NOT to play tennis, NOT to work in the garden. 

However this prescription of disability simply de-conditions the back making it more prone to future strain.

Motion preservation is at the heart of everything the spine care team does at Gus Varnavas MD. In addition to activity-based therapy, we provide patients access to the most advanced artificial disc as an alternative to spinal fusion. This new artificial disc technology retains the normal motion of the healthy disc by enabling the vertebrae to rotate rather than being locked in place. 

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Need an Appointment?

Gus Varnavas, MD — at Community Hospital of Anaconda — specializes in the treatment of back and neck pain and strives to help people return to activity. Request an appointment with Dr. Varnavas in his office in Anaconda, MT.