For Physicians

Our Web site has three points of interest for referring physicians to Gus Varnavas, MD.

  • Overview of Gus Varnavas, MD and how he can be a resource for you and your patients. This includes information on all Gus Varnavas, MD, how to refer a patient to any of our physicians, or how to refer a patient directly into our spine-specialized manual therapy department.
  • E-consult. As the expert source for information about all types of back and neck problems, Gus Varnavas, MD provides a free service to referring physicians only. We are able to answer physician questions via e-mail through this INTRANET site.
  • Clinical outcome and patient severity data. We will be sharing patient severity data that shows the severity of patients entering for their first appointment, along with clinical outcome information.

The purpose of our e-consult service

If you have a patient with a complex back or neck problem who requires surgery or may need a consult for a complex spine problem, you can now access the expertise of Gus Varnavas, MD for the benefit of your patient. Click on the e-consult link to send us an e-mail inquiry about a patient.

Gus Varnavas, MD takes a multidisciplinary team approach to spine care, involving nonsurgical spine physicians and spine surgeons. This means our health care team of professionals will pool together their expertise to develop the best treatment for each patient. Click here to learn more about the specialized capabilities of Gus Varnavas, MD.

Our goal is to provide the most advanced spine care to your patient before returning the patient to your care.

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Need an Appointment?

Gus Varnavas, MD at Community Hospital of Anaconda specializes in the treatment of back and neck pain and strives to help people return to activity. Request an appointment with Dr. Varnavas in his office in Anaconda, MT.