NVM5 nerve monitoring involves procedural integration of neurophysiology and computer-assisted surgery technologies.

The NVM5 platform is a comprehensive set of intraoperative technologies specifically designed for spine surgery, including monitoring of the spinal cord and nerves.

Capabilities of the NVM5 platform in spine surgery include:

  • Nerve avoidance and navigation
  • Nerve monitoring and instrument navigation
  • Spinal cord monitoring
  • Peripheral sensory nerve monitoring
  • Computer-assisted, rod-bending technology
  • Intraoperative angular assessment tools


Why is intraoperative monitoring used in surgery?

EMG is a test used to help assess the health and function of nerves and muscles. EMG can be used to help the physician assess proper pedicle screw placement in fusion surgeries to help reduce the chance of nerve impingement, or to aid in assessing nerve proximity and location during surgical approaches.

Intraoperative monitoring helps your physician assess changes due to ischemia (lack of blood flow to the spinal cord), mechanical manipulation, or lack of blood supply to the limbs due to positioning during surgery. © Nuvasive

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